Mark Your Calendar for Our 2018 Airshow on September 8
Gates Open at 9:30am - Airshow Starts at Noon
** Helicopter Rides 9:30am - 5:00pm / $40 a Seat **

Frequently Asked Questions!

Food & Beverages

Is there food available?

Yes. A wide variety of food and drinks are available on the grounds and provided by participating food and beverage vendors.

Where are the food vendors?

Food is located east of the announcer stand in the main parking lot.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited and cannot be brought on or to airport grounds. No alcohol will be served at the airshow.

Parking & Admission

What time does the show start and end?

The gates open at 9:30 a.m., the show starts at 12:00 noon and runs until 3:00 p.m.; the gates close at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 10.

Where is general admission parking located?

There are two entrances to the airshow parking areas. Enter from the North and East at Lewis Avenue & Beach Road, or from the South and West at Yorkhouse Road & McAree Road. Click here for directions.

Is there handicap parking?

Yes. Please display your state authorized handicap placard while approaching the airport for access to the handicap parking area. Access the airport from the South Entrance, off Yorkhouse Road, then turn north onto McAree Road. Signage and security personnel will direct you to the designated parking area.

Is there motorcycle parking available?

Yes. Motorcycles should access the airport from the south entrance off Yorkhouse Road, then turn north onto McAree Road. Signage and security personnel will direct you to the designated parking area.

Can I bring an RV to Airshow parking?

No. We do not allow RV's in Airshow parking.

Is there a charge for parking?

No, parking is 100% free. We want to get the cars moved in and parked as efficiently as possible.

Is traffic and parking going to be a problem?

It always is at a large event such as this. Avoid the intersection of Greenbay Road and Yorkhouse Road. Two entrances: Best to enter off of Lewis Avenue at Beach Road. We are expecting attendance to be 10,000+ so please car pool and arrive early. The gates open at 9:30 a.m. so come early.

Can we sit in our cars in the parking lot and watch the show?

No. All spectators MUST go through show admissions. Once you have gone through admissions you can go back to your car. Remember to display your wrist band. Tailgating is prohibited.

Can I leave the grounds and be re-admitted from the parking area?

YES! Ask for a GENERAL ADMISSION wrist band from a Gate Agent as you leave the airshow. It will be required for readmission

Are there any certain times I cannot leave Airshow?

No, gates open at 9:30 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. - you may plan to arrive and leave at any time during that time frame. Due to the high volume of traffic and logistics of the traffic flow we do not recommend that you plan to leave the grounds and re-enter unless necessary.

What if I leave during performances?

Vehicles leaving during performances may be redirected through a different exit. We may still have vehicles entering while you are trying to leave. We do not have provisions for two way traffic in most cases. If you want to go back to your car in off site parking you may.

Seating & General Info

Will there be a general public seating area?

Yes. A large general area seating area on the flight line with a clear view is available. However space is limited, so we encourage you to arrive early.

Does the public seating area provide chairs?

No. Chairs are not provided, you are encouraged to bring your own chairs and blankets. The general admission public seating area is both a grassy and a hard surface area.

Where can we sit for the show?

You can sit on the Airshow ramp; also in the parking lot and grassy areas. Volunteers will be available if you have any questions about seating.

Can I sit on the airport ramp?

Yes. In unrestricted areas only. The FAA and the Airport Authority have strict guidelines and regulations we ALL must follow.

Where are the bathrooms?

Portable toilets are available in the main parking lot.

Can we bring dogs? Bicycles?

No pets or bicycles are allowed.

What else is not allowed?

Firearms, skateboards, in-line skates, roller skates. footballs, baseballs, frisbees, or anything that can be thrown. No kites or coolers.

Can we wander out by the parked planes?

Yes, before the Airshow you can view the planes closest to the runway (behind the announcer's stand). You can view the planes located in front of the Signature Aviation sign at any time.

Where can we smoke?

There is smoking in the parking lot by the food concessions. There is no smoking in the ramp area.

Where is there a first aid station?

First Aid will be co-located with the EMS unit at the southeast corner of the Food Court.

Where do we sign up for Young Eagles free airplane rides for children?

The Young Eagles table is located at airshow exhibit area. Rides will NOT be held the day of the airshow.

Where are the helicopter rides this year?

Flights will be conducted starting at 9:30 AM until before Noon and resume again after the airshow is complete with last ride ending by 5:00 PM, so we can clear the parking lot and reopen the airport. The ride booth is located on the Static Display ramp.

Where are the exhibitors?

Exhibitors are located in A Bay, the hangar with a large "A" on it, at Signature Aviation.

Is there an ATM available?

We will have an ATM at each entrance and one in the Food Vendor area.


Can I purchase tickets in advance of the airshow?

General admission tickets will be available at the main gate located on the East and South entrances the day of each show.

Active duty military, retired military and veterans with military ID or state veterans ID admitted free. Children 12 and under also admitted free. Adults are $15 each - Cash Only. ATM’s will be at both gates. Parking is free.

What if it rains during the airshow?

No refunds due to weather. Static display and vendors will be open.

Other Ticket Questions?

Call us at (847) 244-0055 or click here to fill out our contact form.

Please check out our Helpful Hints for additional information to make this the best airshow experience.

Mission Statement

The Northern Illinois Airshow mission is to share the aviation experience with people of all ages by showcasing premier aviation exhibits of history, restoration, preservation, education, and to inspire the passion of flight with all ages.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to motivate more people to become involved in aviation – especially our youth – in order to secure the future of flight as it relates to transportation, recreation, exploration, and the pursuit of individual dreams.